ounded by Alibaba Group of Company in the year 1999, 9apps is the leading and the perfect alternative to download your favourite games and applications. Owing to its value added features and benefits, this gives tough competition to the Google play store. If you are looking for the best alternative to Google play store then 9apps is perhaps the only option available. Like Google play store, it is 100% safe and secure and thus users can easily use the same to download their desired android-based applications.

There is mind boggling number of apps and games to explore at 9apps and all these apps are pre-checked for virus. This app store is free of malware and virus and thus totally safe to install on your smart phone. Users can easily download 9apps here and enjoy fast and better app store experience on your device. There are plenty of apps and games available here which are easily categorized for user convenience. Every application here is well codified into separate sections that all the time your browse through it, you do not have to face any inconvenience. It allows the users to download premium apps at free of cost.

A quick guide to download and install 9apps:
Download and install 9apps is quite simple as you need to follow the step by step guide mentioned below:

Open the Google web browser and type 9app.co.in in the search box. Hit the search button to get the desired result.
Enter the official website of 9apps and press the download button available on the site.
A caution will appear on the screen that will say “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep download.apk anyway?” Tap on OK button.
Once the application has downloaded, tap on it.
You will face installation blocked message of unknown sources.
To allow Unknown sources to be installed, follow this procedure.

Go to your Mobile settings > Additional Settings
Navigate to Security and Privacy
Find Device Administration and there, toggle on the Unknown Sources button.
Click on the 9apps application again.
Click the install button and get the final installation done on your device.
After installation, Click on the Open button.
Enjoy using 9apps!
Use this app store and download your favourite games and applications with ease.

9Apps Package Details
App Name 9Apps
File size 4.5 MB
Developer 9Apps.com
Downloads 10,00,00,000
Why 9apps?
9apps has heaps of applications for your android device. It is reliable and trusted and thus widely accepted by the android users worldwide. When kept on a par with other app store, 9apps is found to be good and active enough to serve the requirements of the user. Its main objective is to serve as a recommendation application. It can easily bump up your online services and is really prepared for the users who love to get updated with the newest things on the internet. Let’s get to know some of the features of 9apps that make it popular and recommended.

Small Size
The first and the prime reason of its popularity is its small size. Owing to its small size, this app store can be easily fitted to the memory of your device. You can easily download the same without worrying about the space. This tiny package has an exclusive collection of android based applications which users can download easily. It takes few seconds to get installed in your device does not consume more memory.

Offline Installation
Unlike Google Play Store which requires an internet connection for app installation, 9apps facilitate you offline installation of apps. Once you have the source file of that android based application then you can install the same at anytime as per your convenience.

Unlimited Downloads
Another striking feature of 9apps is that you can enjoy unlimited downloads. There is no restriction or boundations on app downloading. Also, unlike Google Play Store and Apple store, there is no restriction on third party apps on 9apps.

Safe and secure
This app is fully secure and free of viruses and malwares. Users need not worry about any security issue while installing 9apps on their smart phone. It is all clean and thus does not harm your device in any manner, either minor or major. In this app store, all the applications and tested against security parameters so that users can download the same without worrying about anything.

Compatible with all android software versions
Features of 9apps are second to none. The most striking feature of 9apps is that it is compatible with all android software versions. From android 2.1 eclair to Nougat, it is available for all versions. Install the same on your device and avail more than 10000 apps without any restrictions and or permission.

Increase the download speed with 9apps
The advantages of 9apps know no boundaries. Something that is really complimentary about 9apps is that is actually increases the speed of your download. It powers-up the speed instantly and therefore shortens up the length of the download and saves the time as well.

Free of cost
The most amazing feature which makes this app store famous is that like Google Store, this is also available free of cost. It means that you can avail thousands of apps and games without paying any single penny. All the APK files provided are absolutely free of cost for all versions of android.

Efficient working
The advantages of 9apps don’t end up here. It usually takes less memory and space while working. Unlike Google Store that eats up to 65MBof the internal storage which is really annoying whereas 9apps hardly costs up to 3 – 10 Mb and even works efficiently.

All in one
9apps is an easy, trusted and uncomplicated application that allows you to find applications to develop featuring of your mobile. From the latest gaming trend, burning and buzzing topics of social media to just-out news and other stacks of applications, 9apps has it all to entertain the users. Installing 9apps is the best way to get all applications in one bundle.

Ease of use
This app is quite simple to use. It offers an easy opportunity to get what you want within a short span of time. You seriously do not have to end up with 10 to 20 tabs opening and loops of ads popping up on the screen all the time you try to look for something. It straight away provides you what you are looking for and also offers you suggestions that you’ll love to look for further. It has easy to use interface that anyone can easily access the same. It is user friendly and convenient to use by all the users. Its graphical interface makes the browsing easier.

Widely Popular
Used by more than 5 million users worldwide, this app store is highly popular and widely accepted by the android users. It’s fame and popularity reflect its glory well.

Available in your language
This app thinks about your comfort first and thus it is available in 14 languages including English. You can download this app in any of the language which seems comfortable to you and get an opportunity to download variety of applications as per your desire. No extra cost is applicable enjoy its plenty of benefits.

Top Apps Available at 9apps store:
This app is a leading and one stop destination to find thousands of android based games and applications. From social apps, trending apps, dating apps to entertainment apps, media and entertainment apps and mobile users, 9apps has it all. Let’s have a look at some of the apps available.

Movie Box
Google Play
Box TV
Dolphin Browser
Brave Browser
UC Mini
Microsoft Edge
DU Battery
Truly Madly
Hinge Bloomy
Hooked up
Bhim App
App Lock
Super Su
C Cleaner
Root Checker
UC News
Google Earth
Trivago and a lot more
These apps are just trailer as the list of applications available at 9apps store is endless. All these apps are the available for free and thus you can easily download the same. 9apps is a whistle stop destination to find your favourite and trending application. This very moment you will install this app, your hassles and troubles will come to an end. With this app, you won’t find any need of scouting, surveying and be digging for required apps that too after tackling numerous useless apps and suggestions. All the available apps are properly categorized so that users can find their desired app with ease. This is available as both website and android app.

A Quick Conclusion
This app has been a dedicated provider of android based games and applications since 1999. It has large library of free games and android themes. Just type what you are looking for and 9apps will show you all the apps on that category. The main categories under which these apps are classified are entertainment, sports, games, tools, browser, dating apps, social media apps and a lot more. It should be noted that 9apps doesn’t install any app directly like Google Play store. It only provides APK files for free download that you have to install carefully. Download 9apps now and enjoy amazing app store experience.